Mechanical Sector

The metalworking and mechanical engineering industry in Umbria has always held a strategic position in the economy of the territory contributing to the generation of wealth and the achievement of high performance, also in foreign markets.

The companies in the sector are distinguished by their ability to produce quality and innovation, aspects that allow them to compete internationally with positive results. From the point of view of trade interchange, the sector confirms its importance in the economy of the Umbrian territory by representing over 30% of total exports of goods and services from Umbria.

The production specialisation of these companies can be summarised according to the following classification:

  1. Machinery and equipment for agriculture, for processing and preservation of agrifood products, for growing and processing tobacco.
  2. Machinery equipment and materials for construction and earthmoving.
  3. Automotive; special components and processing for the automotive and motorcycle sector.
  4. Aerospace; a sector in which approximately 30 companies operate, that find production support through the collaboration of small companies that operate with high standards in the supply of components and/or in specific processing phases.
  5. Production of machinery related to "water treatment".
  6. Sectors with high technological and scientific content, nanotechnology and renewable energy.

One of the reasons underlying the strength of the regional metalworking and mechanical engineering sector is the average small size of the companies. This, in general, has allowed high flexibility of the production processes and quicker adaptation to the needs of the market.

Il Polo Biomedicale dell’Umbria è un’associazione che riunisce un pool di aziende altamente specializzate in grado di integrare prodotti e servizi lungo l’intera supply chain della filiera del comparto biomedicale.

The central Italian region of Umbria boasts long-standing and highly specialized entrepreneurial expertise. This includes a number of companies in the agricultural mechanics industry. The network Umbria Agrimech – Agricultural Mechanics and Technology was promoted by Confindustria Perugia (the regional branch of Italy’s largest industrial corporation) with the aim to further increase foreign market penetration by the companies involved.

There is no coast, obviously, but Umbria boasts a particularly significant and high quality presence of companies active in the construction of luxury ships.

The Polo Aerospaziale dell’Umbria (Umbria Aerospace Association) is an association that embraces local companies operating in the aerospace and defence sectors.

The Umbrian companies in the sector of motor vehicle components: from the so-called original equipment manufacturers, to the specialists and sub-suppliers.

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