Furniture and Handicrafts

The furniture and arts and crafts sector is a huge cultural and economic heritage for the Region of Umbria: in fact, the features of the arts and crafts merge with the heritage of Umbrian traditions and culture.

These productions, with reference to given territories, have developed specific production characteristics that have been handed down over time, and use local resources as raw materials. Traditional arts and crafts is a dominant sector in Umbria, and is concentrated into the following areas: artistic productions, weaving and embroidery,glass and stone,ceramic wood and period furnitureart glass and wrought iron.

The production conditions of these trades are characterised by certain factors that represent their strong points:

 I)  the craftsmanship of micro-small companies that have recovered or pursued trades and productions that were in danger of being lost;

II) the production of established companies, especially in ceramics and wood that, while characterised by high levels of production, have not succumbed to the industrial "philosophy", but continue to work and present themselves with the human and artistic spirit of old artisan workshops.

The ceramics industry in particular, is one of the elements that distinguishes and identifies the region of Umbria in Italy and abroad. In fact, Umbria is among the prime regions in Italy for the production of artistic ceramics and tableware. The production of ceramics is situated mainly in Deruta, Gualdo Tadino, Orvieto, Gubbio and Città di Castello.

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